Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare Update 0.24 Introduces Big Changes For PS4 MMO

Armored Warfare update 0.24 has rolled out bringing with it some major changes. The Caribbean Crisis Part II patch for the free-to-play multiplayer MMO introduces new tanks, a new map and a new dealer.

British-born Oscar Faraday is the new dealer and he has a host of vehicles available across multiple tiers, including

  • Tier 5 AFV:Rooikat
  • Tier 6 TD:EE-18 Sucuri II
  • Tier 7 TD:NM142
  • Tier 8 TD:Sprut-SD
  • Tier 8 Premium LT:ASCOD LT-105
  • Tier 10 LT:K21 XC8

Players can also enjoy the final mission in the current Caribbean Crisis story art as players head to Jamaica and fight for survival. Meanwhile the new Alpine Valley map opens up the mountains of Switzerland for exploration adding a new layer of strategy to the tank combat.

Armored Warfare PS4 interview

In the Armored Warfare update 0.24, players can look forward to:

  • New dealer with a branch of light vehicles
  • VT-4 Main Battle Tank
  • New commander
  • Final mission of the first Special Operation
  • New map “Alpine Valley” for Global Operations

For more in-depth details, check out the official Armored Warfare website, and check out our first impressions.