Army of Two delayed till 2008

Today Electronic Arts announced that they will be delaying Army of Two until next year to let the development team put finishing touches on the game.

"Game quality is our top priority. Army of Two has potential to become a lasting EA franchise — so getting the first title right is essential," said President of the EA Games Label. "The team at EA Montreal thinks that more time for polish will make the game truly great. We’re going to trust the team and give Army of Two a few more months in the studio. Army of Two will ship in first quarter of calendar 08."

If you recall, EA has stated in the past that they want to ship Army of Two when it’s perfect. In July, lead designer Chris Ferriera stated, "We want the first game to be perfect, because if we launch an IP and it isn’t what we want to make and isn’t made to the right quality level, then the future for the franchise doesn’t exist. We want to really build something strong."

This suggests that EA plans to release at least one sequel, something that is uncommon with the company’s franchises.

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