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Arrowhead Boss Says It Needs To Both Fix & Update Helldivers 2 In Order To Stay Relevant

Speaking in a post on Reddit, Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, has said that the developer needs to ensure that Helldivers 2‘s bugs are fixed in ongoing updates, but also to add new content to the game to remain relevant in a highly competitive industry.

Let me add some context Arrowhead is independently owned by people working at the studio and not swayed by shareholders in the traditional sense. Of course we are in a great partnership with Sony where we agree on targets to hit etc. But there isn’t a forcing function or requirement per se.

We want to deliver the best in the industry and we are calibrating our efforts of fixing vs new stuff. It’s easy to say ‘just fix, don’t add’, but the reality of the competitiveness in this industry is that we have to do both to stay relevant. We are figuring it out, the demands and expectations on the studio is high, all eyes are on us, and we have a sole purpose – to make this the best live game you’ve ever played. We just need to find our stride and balance.

It’s a hot topic at the studio, and I’m sorry for the sloppy mistakes we’ve made as of recent.

The Pilestedt added “… please do not see this as a defensive post. I know we can do better as a studio. Also, my intention was just to say that the games industry is a complicated beast. We need to stay relevant and keep everyone entertained while fixing stuff. The expectations from our friends at PlayStation are pretty simple: ‘make great game for players. We trust you.’

Helldivers 2 launched in February 2024 and Arrowhead Game Studios has been releasing a steady stream of new content and patches for the game ever since. You can read our full review here.