This edition of Ask PSU centers around EA’s upcoming SKATE. Unlike previous editions of Ask PSU, this one contains more grounded questions as Justin Pinter, PSU journalist and PR manager, was able to get some hands-on time with the game. You, our forum goers and readers, asked the questions, and Justin is here to answer them. So without further adieu…

From AFMR-PS3:

How is SKATE different compared to the Tony Hawk series? (graphics, gameplay-wise, etc…)?

Justin: SKATE is actually quite different from past Tony Hawk titles. Instead of using the face buttons for tricks and modifying them with the thumb sticks, players will use the thumbsticks for ollies and flips and use the face buttons and back buttons for modification. On top of that, the skateboard is physics based so there will be no Christ Air 900’s over skyscrapers in this title.

As for graphics, they are pretty similar.

From BMWM3P:

How’s the speed of the game – is it realistic or just as fast as Tony Hawk?

Justin: SKATE is based more around the realism of skateboarding so the pace and and gameplay fit more to real life than the Tony Hawk series.

Is there a button to push off so you can go faster or just to regulate speed?

Justin: Actually there is more than just a push off button. In SKATE you can lay down on your board and actually LUGE down the hills and streets. But in terms of a push off button…no, not really.

How are manuals integrated into the control scheme? Do you use the analog sticks?

Justin: There are no manuals from what I saw.

What do you think of the graphics?

Justin: Well, from seeing the new screens of Tony Hawk Proving Grounds I would say at this point SKATE needs to step up a notch if they don’t want to be surpassed. I would say the graphics are decent…nothing mind blowing.

Did you get to play the PS3 version?

Justin: No. SKATE is still early in development with a few months left for them to fix the bugs and such. I played the Xbox 360 version on a debug unit. However the developers guaranteed that both next-gen versions will be almost the same.

From Ampere comes the most important question of all:

Is it fun?

Justin: Yes. The video editor mode I can see being a great way for people to not only play and have fun with the game but also enjoy sharing their cool videos with friends and the rest of the SKATE community.

As for the game all around….I would say yeah.