Assassin’s Creed Origins gameplay leak reveals new features

assassins creed origins new features

A boatload of new Assassin’s Creed Origins gameplay details have surfaced on the web today, claiming the upcoming stealth-action sequel will not in fact feature naval combat as previously believed in an Assassin’s Creed Origins screenshot.

According to the new leak (via Reddit), the latest chapter in Ubisoft’s multi-million selling franchise will also eschew the ubiquitous towers that have featured in Assassin’s Creed since the original back in 2007, replacing them with a new scouting mechanic using your trusty Eagle companion.

In the new Assassin’s Creed game, players will instead utilise their feathered friend, currently known as Akhom, to hunt for points of interest such as side missions and other distractions. However, there’s a limit to how far your companion can fly from the main protagonist. Elsewhere, all characters will speak in English thanks to the Animus 5.0, which has ironed out previous translation wrinkles, and you’ll now sit inside the device and move around much like the Assassin’s Creed movie.

Modern day shenanigans also return with a brand new character fronting these contemporary exploits, with veterans William, Rebecca, and Shaun all showing up in the game. The newcomer is reportedly a male of mixed race and has already been trained in the art of the assassins. 

The leak also claims that the age is set somewhere between 1400 and 1200 BCE, during the Dynasties. As mentioned, naval combat gameplay does not return; you’ll use a sailing boat to navigate around the map, and aside from featuring customisation options, there won’t be anything else on offer in this respect. You will, however, allegedly be able to travel the Eastern Mediterranean on your trusty boat.

As for the main protagonist, it has been reported that our hero is a quieter version of Altair from the original game, and hairs from Israel. Ubisoft is planning a trilogy of games with this new character, with Greece being the setting of the second game. This ties in with what we’ve previously heard about Assassin’s Creed Origins (then known as Assassin’s Creed Empire) in that it will kick start a new trilogy.

The game’s combat system has been completely overhauled, with enemies possessing different attack patterns and will try to flank you. Stealth is also reportedly more integrated into the game world, with social stealth being a major component as you blend into crowds via groups of slaves. Meanwhile, free running is similar to Assassin’s Creed Unity and Syndicate, although is more fluid and adds some of Watch Dogs 2’s flair. It also runs on a revamped version of Syndicate’s game engine but apparently looks very different. 

Finally, the game is reportedly scheduled for a 2017 release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One, with no Nintendo Switch version in the pipeline. 

Source: Gamezone