Atlas Fallen Atlas Fallen Update 1.002.100 Deck13 Interactive News PS5

Atlas Fallen PS5 Update 1.002.100 Is Now Available, Brings Stability & Gameplay Fixes

Deck13 Interactive has unwrapped the Atlas Fallen update 1.002.100 patch notes for you to feast your eyes on, implementing stability and gameplay fixes. Read more details below.

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  • In rare cases, a crash can occur during Watcher Fury => fixed


  • With a bad timing using the Shatter, it was possible for the Conjurer to keep his shield forever => fixed

Voice Over

  • The few missing Voice Over line in German are now correctly added to the game


  • It was possible to trigger a rare blocker when both players used the raise in coop => fixed

Essence Stone

  • The Imperious Bastion Essence Stone can become unobtainable if the Watcher’s Fury in the Wildlands level was not done before Main Quest progress => The stone is now being sold by the Traveling Vendor in the Citadel level, if you have missed it
  • The Protective Instinct Essence Stone can become unobtaible, if it haven’t been drop by the Conjurer’s during his 2 fights with him => The Conjurer now has a respawn in the Citadel level, on the swamp area.


  • In rare case, the Pre-order DLC may not unlock with the intended Anvil in the Wastelands, but in an anvil later in the game => Pre-order DLC now unlock consistently with the intended anvil in the Wastelands