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Atlas Fallen Will Last Players 25-30 Hours If They Want To Complete Every Task

Speaking during an interview with SegmentNext, Deck13 Co-Founder and Creative Director Jan Klose has revealed that players can expect to put around 25-30 hours into Atlas Fallen in regards to completing every task available in the game.

Klose explained that Atlas Fallen features side activities, which are different from regular side quests.

Apart from a lot of side quests, there are many puzzles hidden in the world. For example, you can acquire treasure maps that will lead you to hidden riches…but sometimes the map has been torn to pieces, requiring another round of treasure hunt beforehand! Also, there are relics of old that can be activated, and some might lead you on a path that you must follow to find more secrets.

He added that the game will take about 25-30 hours if players want to tackle all of these side activities, although it’s unknown how much time the campaign will take if you opt to leave them.

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Atlas Fallen is scheduled for release on August 10, 2023 for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S, having been delayed this week from its original May launch.