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Atomic Heart Developer Reiterates Game Isn’t Just A “DOOM” Or “Bioshock” Copy


Whether developers like it or not, players will constantly be comparing one game to the next, sometimes attributing the term “clone” to one title, or saying one “copied” the other, as a way to easily describe how it might play or feel.

Atomic Heart developer Mundfish however would like to specify that in its case, titles that might commonly be used to describe what Atomic Heart is like, such as DOOM, Bioshock, and Wolfenstein aren’t entirely accurate.

Mundfish founder Robert Bagratuni spoke to those three examples in a recent interview with Wccftech, reiterating his belief that compared to those three games, (two of which are in many ways, the same), Atomic Heart remains “unique and fresh.”

“To be honest, I don’t think this is an accurate comparison. While our game does have some parallels with such great games like DOOM, Wolfenstein, and Bioshock, we wanted to construct Atomic Heart to feel unique and fresh.

If there is a need to compare, then our game, like Bioshock, surely contains a greater level of immersion, possibilities for combinations of weapons, and special abilities compared to some others of the genre.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, our game will leave players with completely new feelings, and they will understand that the Atomic Heart stands out with a mix of intriguing stories, ruthless battles, and amazing segments with challenging puzzles.”

How “unique” Atomic Heart is compared to these, and other first-person shooter titles remains to be seen, as it is set to launch in less than a week.

Source – [Wccftech via Twinfinite]