August NPD: PS3 sales up 5.1 percent

The August NPD results are out, and the PlayStation 3 sales increased by 5.1 percent over last month and the system has seen 13 consecutive months of year-over-year sales increases. Despite the positive showing, the PS3 came in fourth in the hardware charts, with the Xbox 360 on top, selling some 357,000 units.

Xbox 360 sales were down by nearly 20 percent. In fact, all systems dropped in sales except the PS3. As a whole, industry sales fell by some 10 percent last month to $818.9 million compared to $910.3 million from the year prior. Portable hardware, software and accessories were down by 25 percent. PSP sales were also down by some 5,000 units compared to July.

Below are hardware sales for August:

Xbox 360 – 357K
DS – 343K
Wii – 244K
PS3 – 226K
PSP – 79K

August is usually Madden season, and 2010 is no different. Madden NFL 11 sold more than 1.8 million unites between PS3 and Xbox 360, resulting in a six percent increase compared to 2010. In fact, the PS3 version saw a 228,600 unit increase over last year’s version.

Here are the software results for August:

Madden NFL 11 (Xbox 360) – 920.8K
Madden NFL 11 (PS3) – 893.6K
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) – 124.6K
Mafia II (Xbox 360) – 121.6K
New Super Mario Bros. (DS) 110.4K
New Super Mario Bros. (Wii)
Mafia II (PS3)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) (101K)
NCAA Football 11 (Xbox 360) (87K)
Wii Fit Plus (Wii)