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Baldur’s Gate III Update 1.005.004 Out Now For PS5; Read The Full Patch Notes For Latest Fixes

Larian Studios has deployed the Baldur’s Gate III update 1.005.004 patch notes for you to digest, with the order of the day being another round of bug fixes for the critically acclaimed CRPG. There’s a couple of Xbox-specific fixes here, but still a few general crash fixes and improvements for across all versions of the game.

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  • Fixed a potential crash when trying to load a savegame in Honour Mode.
  • Fixed a potential crash when a second player joins on split-screen.
  • Allocated additional memory to fix a crash during the initial cloud sync on Xbox.
  • Fixed a potential Xbox crash relating to DLCs.
  • Fixed a crash related to cloths.
  • Fixed a potential crash.
  • Fixed the DC for pickpocketing a container not accounting for the weight and value of the items inside the container.
  • Fixed a potential blocker if the host disconnects their Xbox wireless controller while there is a virtual keyboard on screen.
  • Fixed a possible crash when trading with NPCs in the Underdark while a party character is near a bibberbang.