Batman: Arkham Knight director reveals his favorite Batman moments

The director behind the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight and Rocksteady co-founder, Sefton Hill, has picked his favorite moments from the Batman universe across any medium. 

Speaking with OPM UK, Hill opted for a comic book, movie and video game when it came to his all-time favorite moments involving The Dark Knight.

"The Long Halloween. It’s my favorite Batman graphic novel," he said, giving props to the story that inspired Arkham Asylum and The Dark Knight. Speaking of films, Hill added, "I really like the original Tim Burton film. Looking back on it, that was one of the things that inspired the games in a lot of ways."

"I guess i’ll cheat with the last one—I’ll put in Arkham Knight! (laughs) It’s been over three years of all our lives, and it’s the culmination of everything we’ve done with Batman," he concluded. 

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Source: OPM UK Issue 112 August 2015