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Battlefield 2042 Update 1.52 Patch Notes Revealed, Brings Crimson Front Event & Visual Weapon Recoil Changes

EA has deployed the Battlefield 2042 update 1.52 patch notes for you to digest, which comes packing support for the Crimson Front event as well as alterations to visual weapon recoil. Check out the full list of changes below.

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Visual Weapon Recoil

Visual Weapon Recoil improvements were introduced in Season 7, and through your feedback it was clear there must be further refinement of this feature. Update 7.0.1 was a hotfix aimed at resolving some of the core issues, such as the interactions with the Avancys, and as previously communicated Update 7.1.0 will include a wide pass that will correct most of the player reported issues surrounding Visual Weapon Recoil.

  • Visual recoil on multiple weapons, sights and specific weapon/sight combinations have been adjusted, including deviation of reticle to screen center, on the following weapons: G428, BSV-M, SVK, VCAR, M39 EMR, P90, DM7, DXR-1, RPT-31, PKP-BP, AK 5C, M240B, BFP.50.
  • Weapon Sights: Raven 4X, TV 2X, Ghost Hybrid 1.25-2.5x, M11 6X, PSO-1M3, BKS 8X, XCE Scope, K8 Holo, Kobra, Reflex, ACOG, SHAN 2.5X, 8R Holo, Fusion Holo.
  • Sidearms: TV 2X, SHAN, K8 Holo.


  • Scope Glint removed from the XM8 LMG ACOG
  • XM8 Prototype Underbarrel Launcher crosshair will no longer appear while in Aim Down Sights.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the clip ejection sound of the M1 Garand to not play. We’ve got to protect that iconic sound!
  • Added scope glint to Default Scope and Ballistic Scope 12x on M95 Sniper
  • Fixed clipping issues on K30 when using Fusion or DD Holo sights


  • High-Power Ammo: Increased Damage from 25 to 26 under 50 meters
  • Hipfire recoil pattern changed to have less pull to the right


  • SCZ-3 Standard Issue Ammo: Increased Dispersion by an average of 8%

Type 88 LMG

  • Reduced Recoil and Dispersion by an average of 10%


  • Starting accuracy increased by an average of 10%, Horizontal Recoil slightly increased, Rate of Fire has also been adjusted from 650 to 675.

Shotgun Improvements

Update 7.1 introduces a collection of improvements that should now balance shotgun gameplay and provide further emphasis on engaging and tactical gunplay when choosing to use these weapons.

There will now be more of a choice between relying on movement and agility to close up the gap to an enemy and use hipfire, or pre-aiming down sights before turning corners and playing more tactically.

This reduction in effectiveness of hipfire at medium ranges should notably improve balance in CQC-focused areas and maps and require a higher level of skill to get the most out of shotguns.

  • Shotguns have had their pellet spread adjusted in hipfire and aiming down sights.
  • Pellet spread will now be tighter when aiming down sights, in most cases with the same spread as previous updates, and slightly tighter in some cases, but when shooting from the hip pellet spread will now be higher.

Pellet spread will now differ between hipfire and aiming down sights, as follows for each weapon:


#01 Buckshot and #00 Buckshot

Aim Down Sights – Same as Update 7.0

Hipfire: 2x Horizontal Spread, 1.5x Vertical Spread compared to Aim Down Sights

#04 Buckshot

Aim Down Sights: 7.0 pellet spread was 3x compared to #01 Buckshot, it will now be 2.5x which results in the pattern being slightly tighter and usable from a bit further away

Hipfire: 2x Horizontal Spread, 1.5x Vertical Spread compared to Aim Down Sights

12M Auto

Default Barrel

Aim Down Sights – Same as Update 7.0

Hipfire: 1.5x Horizontal Spread, 1.3x Vertical Spread compared to Aim Down Sights

Shortened Barrel

Aim Down Sights: Spread reduced from 1.5x to 1.25x compared to Default Barrel

Hipfire: 1.5x Horizontal Spread, 1.3x Vertical Spread compared to Aim Down Sights

Pellet spread on 12M Auto will now also slightly increase when firing quickly


Aim Down Sights – Same as Update 7.0

Hipfire: 1.7x Horizontal Spread, 1.35x Vertical Spread compared to Aim Down Sights

Reload Speed on NVK-S22 has been slightly increased

Super 500

Aim Down Sights – 0.75x Pellet Spread compared to Hipfire


  • Dumb-fired Rocket Launchers such as the Recoilless M5 and the RPG-7V2 will now benefit from an additional rocket. This change will also apply to Crawford’s Deep Pockets trait.
  • Updated the description of the FGM-148 Javelin to reflect its functionality with further clarity.
  • Increased the size of AT Mines by 5-10% and raised them up to improve visibility.


  • EBLC-Ram and the CAV Brawler should now have an easier time traversing over some obstacles.
  • Fixed missing zoom in and out audio for the Laser Painter on the Z11W (Battlefield Portal)
  • Fixed various scoring issues related to the EMP Grenade upon disabling other vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue with the EBLC-Ram’s Spawn Beacon not functioning at times.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in several armored vehicles having a misaligned crosshair.