Battlefield 4: Second Assault map pack now available on PS4

The much-anticipated second expansion pack of Battlefield 4, entitled: ‘Second Assault’ has today deployed onto Sony’s PS4.

Previously a timed-exclusive Xbox One expansion, Second Assault weighs in at a hefty 4754MB and contains four revamped maps from DICE’s previous blockbuster, Battlefield 3. ‘Caspian Border’ and ‘Operation Métro’ lead the charge onto Sony’s newest system, promising increasingly intense firefights and improved graphics all-round – and with a whole host of other additions to boot, too.

A full list of the inclusions can be found below.


– Capture the Flag.

– 10 Assignments.


– Caspian Border.

– Gulf of Oman.

– Operation Firestorm.

– Operation Métro.


– F2000.

– AS Val.

– M60E4.

– DAO-12.

– GOL Magnum.


– Desert Patrol Vehicle.

– Skid Loader.

Looking to pick up Battlefield 4’s newest expansion? As ever, give us your thoughts below.

(Via Reddit.)