Battlefield: Bad Company gets demo treatment

Looking to spend some quality time with Bad Company? You’re in luck – the folks over at DICE have revealed that a demo of their highly-destructible First Person Shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company, will be arriving on PSN June 5. The cohesive demo is set to include the following:

Single player:
-Get an early look into the quest for Gold with Bad Company

-Play the all-new Gold Rush mode on the Oasis map, featuring land, sea and air vehicles
-Reach rank 4 in the demo to unlock an exclusive in-game weapon

If you’ve been able to overlook the whole downloadable weapon debacle and you’re entirely sure you want the game, feel free to pre-order and receive early access to the demo on May 29. Other pre-order goodies include a keychain and an in-game sniper rifle (can be unlocked regularly, but those who pre-order will have it from the get-go). Prepare to battle with Bad Company on June 23.