Battlefield: Bad Company to release June 23

EA Dice announced today that fans of the Battlefield series will be pleased to know that Battlefield: Bad Company is shipping to retail outlets on June 23. Gamers worldwide will get their chance to join the ranks of the B company on exciting, and sometimes irreverent missions that take place in cities, deserts and mountain terrain in order to capture the spoils of war. Players can experience the tactical, destructive power in a deep single player campaign, or go online for some intense multiplayer action.

For a limited time only, gamers will be able to purchase the Gold Edition of Battlefield: Bad Company. The Gold Edition pack features exclusive content with behind-the-scenes action and strategy videos, giving Battlefield: Bad Company players tricks and tips on how to own the battlefield. The Gold Edition also gives gamers early access to five unique weapons that players can take into battle. These weapons can also be unlocked after the launch of the game by ranking up to the highest level in multiplayer mode.

“Players can forget about using walls as cover as we’ve fundamentally changed the way to play shooters offline and online through the use of tactical destruction,” says Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Senior Producer for Battlefield: Bad Company. “Players will get the chance to reap the spoils of war this summer as they annihilate the enemy and search for gold in the dark, character-driven, single player storyline while returning Battlefield fans will love the intense and vehicle-heavy multiplayer.”

We aren’t sure if the announced date is the same for European gamers, but hopefully we’ll know more about that soon.