Battlefield: Bad Company

Trying to detach itself from its multiplayer roots, Digital Illusions is taking the Battlefield series in more of a single player route providing an intriging new storyline and intresting new characters.

Karl Troedsson, senior producer on the title, explained in some detail on what the team hopes to provide in the characters for Bad Company, "We wanted to create a story about more ordinary guys who do crazy things…If the war is a wrapper for the entire story, there is an adventure within the war. That is what these guys are experiencing. They are going out on the line and doing something they are not supposed to do. For different reasons in the story they go off on a tangent for their personal ambitions."

From the sounds of it, money and greed will lead your team and your squad goes from trained military to rouge AWOL’s. Troedsson put it as, "[they are on a] one-way ticket to bad things."

Other than the characters, DICE (Digital Illusions CE) plans on bringing in life-like visuals and animations complete with ragdoll and Havok systems. "The ragdoll simulates what happens, and then we stick the camera on top of that, which gives you a pretty exciting way to die," explained Troedsson.

Features include:
-Realistic aiming and FPS control
-Tons of destructability including enviroments and veichles
-24 players online
-Strong Single Player and Multiplayer modes
-All new Weapons and Equipment

Expect to here more on this title since its set to release this next spring.