Battlefield Hardline dev: ‘We’re happy to be compared to Counter-Strike; ‘still have the classic Battlefield scope’

Visceral Games’ lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thad Sasser, has stressed that the latest iteration in the popular shooter series will still have the ‘classic Battlefield scope’, despite the focus in beta being on small to medium-sized maps.

In a round-table discussion, Thad spoke to PSU about the decision to switch from the longer engagement range of Battlefield 4 to a much shorter engagement feel that gets players into the action much faster.

“We still have the classic Battlefield scope of huge maps down to tiny maps,” said Thad, “but we’ve shifted the focus on many of these maps to a shorter engagement range, like a 20-30 metre range as opposed to the 100-200 metre range which you quite often get the larger outdoor maps of Battlefield 4. We’ve intentionally shifted the focus so it’s a little bit more personal and moved away from the military realm into the cops and robbers realm.”

The fast pace of Battlefield Hardline is a feature that has been stressed since its announcement and we asked Thad whether he was happy with the comparisons that have been made between Battlefield Hardline and Counter-Strike. “Happy to being compared to one of the mostpopular shooters of all time? Yeah, I’ll take that,” he said.

Thad went into detail during the conversation about game modes, gadgets, maps and feedback that they’ll be acting on before Hardline launches on March 17, 2015.

Stay tuned for more details shortly.

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