Battlefield Hardline dev: ‘You’re never going to please everybody’; talks diversity in series

Visceral Games’ lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thad Sasser, has told PSU that he doesn’t expect everyone to be happy with the change of pace in its upcoming shooter but states that Battlefield Hardline is meant to be a different experience that has its own identity.

Battlefield Hardline will be much faster-paced than its predecessors and there’s been some concern that it might alienate fans of the franchise.

Here’s what Thad had to say on the issue:

“You’re never going to please everybody,” he told PSU in a round-table discussion this evening. “We know this isn’t a military game, it needs to be its own distinct game from Battlefield 4. There needs to be a reason to play this versus a reason to play Battlefield 4.

”We feel these are the right steps forward in creating our own identity for Hardline, and creating a slightly different experience from what Battlefield 4 has to offer. If it was just Battlefield 4 again, well you can already play Battlefield 4, but Hardline is going to give you a different experience, a faster-paced experience where it’s easier to get back into that battle more quickly.”

Thad also spoke about the comparisons made between the Battlefield Hardline beta and Counter Strike and reassured players that it would still have that ‘classic Battlefield scope’.

We’ll publish the full interview with Thad shortly.