BBC: "Killzone 2 one of the most immersive games ever"

Ever since its debut at E3 2005, Killzone 2 has been regarded as Sony’s biggest mistake; the commonly held knowledge was that such an impressive trailer set Sony up for failure. All that changed this last E3 as Susi Roku unveiled the pre-alpha build of the game they had ready. Heralded by critics everywhere, KillZone 2 is shaping up to be the most immersive and cinematic games to date, according to BBC.

The BBC writes, "When you sit down in front of a playable level … it is immediately clear that Killzone 2 will be one of the most cinematic and immersive games ever produced on a console." Impressively, this is the most widely held opinion currently in the industry — it appears that Sony truly delivered (so far).

The BBC did note two problems they saw: the game is an FPS complete with checkpoints, which was aparently was too archetypical. Additionally it seems that Killzone’s grenades leave something to be desired.

PSU anxiously awaits this game, and will continue to bring you any information we can manage on it.

Source: BBC