Beatles to appear in Guitar Hero title?

As we gaze deeply into our crystal ball, we see that you may soon be living in a yellow submarine.

A Sony Music Publishing executive revealed that a Beatles-themed Guitar Hero could possibly be released on the PlayStation 3. Martin Bandler of Sony/ATV, owners of the copyright to the Beatles back-catalogue, said, "It’s something we have talked about and would like to pursue."

The game would surely be a top-seller, particularly as the use and distribution of Beatles songs has been famously guarded in the past. Their songs continue to be unavailable to download through music outlets such as iTunes, with some restrictions only recently relaxing.

Activision seems to be keen on the idea of individual bands taking the center stage in its now-famous Guitar Hero series, and has already announced an Aerosmith version of the hit franchise to be released in June.

The Beatles are one of the greatest bands in music history, with more than 40 different singles, albums and EPs that reached number one in the UK. Who wouldn’t like to see them in their own Guitar Hero title?