Best PS5 historical games ranked

History and fiction make a compelling pair. In the gaming sphere, crossing paths with an all-too-familiar historical figure adds much authenticity to the over-arching story. Leaping into the past also comes with a sense of foreignness that elevates a game’s immersion – and sheer escapism. While video games are a far cry from history lessons, it is worth suspending our disbelief to journey into the past in interactive fashion. And it doesn’t take being a history buff to enjoy these top-rated historical games on PS5.

1. The Legend of Tianding

Few video games look beyond China and Japan when exploring Asian history. But The Legend of Tianding switches the focus to the small island of Taiwan. This refreshing beat’ em up action platformer takes players to the Japanese-occupied streets of 19th-century Taipei City. The story follows the legendary Taiwanese folk hero Liao Tianding in his fight for justice against the colonial authorities. Robbing the rich to sustain the poor, you may feel like a bona fide Taiwanese Robin Hood throughout this indie side-scrolling adventure. Graphics straight from traditional Chinese comics complement this original take on the Metroidvania genre with a historical flair.


2. Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy medieval RPG. Kicking off your journey in either 867 or 1066, your goal is to develop a sprawling dynasty throughout the Middle Ages. Whenever your character passes or gets deposed, you continue the legacy of your noble house as that protagonist’s heir. In this carefully researched medieval world full of courtiers, nights, and jesters, you might even romance an array of real-life characters, unless you’d rather have them executed to secure your lineage. With countless dynasties to choose from, which span the British Isles to Ethiopia all the way to India, Crusader Kings III has you rule over an ever-evolving realm. And you can make history in any way you’d like, waging wars of conquests, constructing mighty fortresses to secure your territory, or spreading your faith zealously.


3. Heidelberg 1693

Heidelberg 1693 isn’t for the faint-hearted. This dark and morbid vision of 17th-century Germany can be nightmarish as you navigate the ravaged city of Heidelberg to take down zombies with your musket. This ruthless 2D sidescroller doesn’t take it easy on players, conjuring up the retro vibes of some of the hardest platformers ever made like Ghosts’ n Goblins. But Heidelberg 1693 is as satisfying as it can be grim. Combat is an unmitigated blast once you get the hang of its mechanics, while a stunning art style balances the game’s disturbing atmosphere. Despite its fantasy setting, this PS5 title also shows tremendous attention to historical detail.


4. Like a Dragon Ishin!

Like a Dragon Ishin! takes place in the late Edo period, which saw the confrontation between imperialist factions and shogun supporters. You play as Sakamoto Ryōma, an anti-shogunate samurai caught up in political intrigues as he returns to his hometown. In pure Like a Dragon style, though, the narrative focus takes a back seat to fun combat and side quests. Alongside bounty-hunting missions and street brawls, wacky minigames like chicken racing and poker abound. The game boasts no pachislot machines, though. Players with a knack for pokies may therefore turn to online casinos. Top-rated platforms even reward users with free spins bonuses. These bonuses give players extra chances to make bank on slots that include Japanese-themed options like Samurai Heroes or Mystic Japan. Free spins no deposits can also come in handy when exploring a new site’s catalog. Plus, new casino offers drop daily or monthly.


5. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

If you like your historical games on the gory side, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a strong pick. Set in the late 2nd century in Han Dynasty China swamped by chaos and carnage, this action RPG brings a dark spin to the already bloody period of the Three Kingdoms. You act as an unnamed militia soldier fighting for his survival. Granted, the demonic mythological creatures that pester you along your journey aren’t exactly period-accurate. But what this violent soulslite lacks in historical accuracy, it makes up in epic swordfights inspired by Chinese martial arts. Halfway between Sekiro and the Nioh series, this brutal RPG is a solid fantasy take on the Three Kingdoms.

Real events make for great gaming material. And with the upcoming release of such games as Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Rise of the Rōnin on PlayStation 5, the historical genre is definitely on a roll.