Beyond: Two Souls aims to be much more than a Heavy Rain successor

Beyond: Two Souls, the new supernatural thriller from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, hasn’t received much coverage since its reveal at E3 due to the lack of new information on the title. A recent interview on the PlayStation Blog with the founder of Quantic Dream, David Cage, revealed more about the title and the direction the developers plan to take with this drama.


Beyond’s early footage showed that Heavy Rain’s controls had been emulated in the new title, even adopting the same visual indicators that alerted players which buttons were used for interaction during a scenario. When asked how different Beyond is from Heavy Rain, Cage stated that the footage shown at E3 was simply a working model of the game with the imported interface, and that it isn’t the one to be in the finished game. The second, less apparent difference between the two games is that Beyond isn’t bound by the rules of reality. For example, one of Beyond’s two controllable characters, the supernatural entity Aiden, is able to fly, walk through walls, and interact with characters and matter in unique ways.

Elaborating on Quantic Dream’s goals with the new title, while again comparing it with Heavy Rain, Cage had this to say.

"Our goal is not to release a game that will just please the fans of Heavy Rain and that we could say, “Ah, yes, it’s like Heavy Rain but a little better”. The idea is really to surprise players and show them that we can actually go much further with the concept of Heavy Rain."

Are you looking forward to Beyond and its cast? Are you overjoyed or saddened by the removal of the Heavy Rain controls and interface? Let us know in the comments section below, and stay telepathically linked to PSU for more details on this psychological epic.