Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain PS4 release date coming soon

The developer behind Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain has confirmed a release date for the PlayStation 4 versions of the acclaimed titles will be unveiled soon.

Writing on Twitter, Quantic Dream assured fans that we won’t have to wait long to find out when we can get our hands on the games, and thanked fans for their patience.

Both games were announced for Sony’s current-generation console in June, although curiously they will only be available for PS4 in Europe and other PAL territories. Gamers can opt to download them from the PlayStation Store together or individually, or can purchase a physical bundle containing both titles. 

Heavy Rain was the first title from Quantic Dream to see a release, and hit shelves for PS3 back in early 2010. The game centres around a series of grisly murders perpetrated by the Origami Killer, with players controlling a series of different characters as they attempt to solve the crime. Depending on your actions however, key characters in the story can meet their demise and the game will continue on. 

Quantic Dream insisted during the game’s development that Heavy Rain could not be reproduced on Xbox 360 hardware, stating that PS3 was the best platform for the ambitious action-thriller. Although Sony admitted that the title was a bit of a gamble, Heavy Rain went on to prove to be quite a success story, topping the U.K. All Format Charts and going on to sell an impressive thre million copies to date worldwide.

Beyond: Two Souls was announced at E3 2012 and later released on PS3 back in 2013, and features Hollywood talent in the shape of Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page. The game features more supernatural elements in comparison to Heavy Rain, as players control Page’s character throughout various stages of her life, as she discovers she is in possession of a mysterious entity known as ‘Aiden.’

Developed on a reported budget of $27 million, Beyond: Two Souls punctured the U.K. Top 5 upon its release and went on to move over two million copies to date. Rumors of a PS4 version date back some 18 months, when it was reported the game would arrive on Sony’s latest console under the Director’s Cut moniker. In addition, Trophies for the then-unannounced PS4 port surfaced online.