Big PS4 price drop looks likely as Walmart leaks Gold Slim

ps4 price drop

Well, it’s increasingly looking like the new PS4 Gold Slim is a reality, and what’s really exciting is that it’s appearance could signal a PS4 price drop.

First up, a photo of the box was leaked onto Reddit by an apparent employee of Target, and now one guy claims to have walked into a Walmart and seen it sitting there on the shelves. He took a photo, of course (shown above).

What’s interesting about this PS4 Gold Slim photo is that it displays the price tag of $249.99. Now this is for the 1TB model. Currently, Walmart sells the 1TB Black Slim for $299 and the 500GB model for $259.

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This leads us to believe that Sony is ready to pounce with a PS4 price drop in a strategy to take on Xbox Scorpio with cheaper hardware, and no doubt a raft of great games at E3 2017!

If the photo isn’t faked, then it looks like the 1TB PS4 Slim model is getting a $50 price cut very soon.  Early rumors suggest that the Gold Slim could be available to buy as early as this month, yet it still hasn’t been officially announced. 

 Source: PS4 Reddit