Big Rooster talks multiformat & PS3 development

Newly formed development studio Big Rooster recently discussed the company’s stance on developing for next-generation consoles, touching briefly on the challenges faced when producing games for the PlayStation 3, in addition to how it tackles multiformat development.

Speaking during a roundtable with, former Human Head CEO and Big Rooster founder Timothy Gerristson commented on the philosophy of cross-platform development, stating, "publishers and developers have to make a choice to design for one platform or the other, or make a port that’s shoehorned onto a platform on which it just doesn’t work. That means a split between Wii games and PS3/Xbox 360 games, or a lot of really bad ports churned out to make a quick buck."

Elsewhere, the firm’s technical director, Jason Blochowiak reiterated the difficulties faced with the PS3’s architecture; he did, however, discuss the similarities between the console and that of its predecessor, PS2, insisting it is only a matter of time before developers tap into it’s full potential.

" … If you take a look at the difference between early PS2 games, versus the games that came later in the lifecycle, you can see that people do adapt to deal with challenging hardware”, said Blochowiak.

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