BioShock Infinite to be shown at PAX East this week

BioShock Infinite will be popping up at PAX East in Boston this Friday, 2K has revealed.

Series mastermind Ken Levine will join art director Nate Wells, lead artist Shawn Robertson and senior effects artist Stephen Alexander for a chinwag pertaining to the hotly anticipated shooter’s airborne metropolis, Columbia.

Apparently, the trio will discuss how Irrational Games “arrived on Columbia’s visual design, its inspirations, the overarching creative process and plenty of other topics related to the creation of the world of BioShock Infinite.”

The panel’s scheduled for Friday, March 11 at the Manticore Theatre of the Boston Convention Centre between 5-6pm.

Unfortunately we’ve still got a fair bit of thumb-twiddling ahead of us as far as BioShock Infinite’s concerned, with the game not due out until 2012.