BioShock PS Vita still being pushed for by Ken Levine

The creator of the BioShock franchise has revealed he’s still pushing to get the planned PlayStation Vita entry in the celebrated FPS series off the ground.

BioShock PS Vita was first announced at Sony’s E3 press conference in 2011 by Ken Levine himself, who also took the time to confirm PlayStation Move support for the then-upcoming BioShock: Infinite.

However, over two years later, nothing has materialized on the project as Take-Two and Sony have yet to settle on business terms.

Writing on Twitter, Levine commented: “What’s going on with the Vita project? – I talked to both Sony and 2k about it yesterday. Trying to make a match.

Vita project..When you say trying to make a match?! Whatcha mean? – Trying to get the 2 companies to sign off,” he added.

Outside of BioShock on PS Vita, Levine is keeping busy working on BioShock: Infinite’s DLC, details of which are expected to drop at the end of this motnh.

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