BioShock PS3 a reality [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Upon contacting 2K Games, we received the following comment:

"Yes, it is confirmed that BioShock is coming to the PS3. 2K Games will
have an official announcement shortly." -Representative of 2K Games

ORIGINAL STORY: According to CVG, the next issue of UK publication PSM3 contains official confirmation on the long-rumoured PlayStation 3 version of popular shooter, BioShock.

The magazine, due out on June 5, is set to feature exclusive screenshots on the upcoming Take-Two blaster, touting the headline, “Why Xbox’s best shooter is better on PS3.”

Swedish magazine Gamereactor is also claiming to have the first shots of the game in its next issue, due out on June 12.

Rumours of a PS3 version of the immersive FPS materialised as far back as fall 2007, with regular reports popping up thereafter. The game originally hit the Xbox 360 and PC last year, achieving both critical and commercial success.

Stay tuned.