BioWare brings Mass Effect 3 to life with this replica Paladin pistol

BioWare has announced plans to release a replica of Mass Effect 3’s M-77 Paladin pistol via its official store.

Gamers can pre-order the meticulously-crafted piece of kit now for the not-so-wallet-friendly price of $400, while a $200 deposit is required to secure your Paladin for when it ships later this year.

Weighing it at 7lbs, the replica is strictly a limited edition affair, as only 200 of them will be manufactured and made available worldwide. BioWare says it will ship anywhere, though was quick to remind folk that orders placed outside of the U.S. may run into issues with local customs.

Mass Effect 3 was released in March 2012 and wrapped up Commander Shepard’s story in an epic battle against the Reapers. This isn’t the end of the franchise though, as BioWare has already confirmed a new Mass Effect title is in the early planning stages – though right now we don’t know if it will be a full-fledged sequel or a prequel.

Stay tuned to for more details on the future of Mass Effect as we get them.