Bizarre Creations won’t develop sequel for The Club

Bizarre Creations creative director Martyn Chudley has revealed that SEGA approached the developer in regards to developing a sequel its arcade action title The Club, though noted it ‘wasn’t going to work’ due to the firm being snapped up by Activision back in 2007.

"We enjoyed working on the project [The Club], and I think Sega might have made more of it if we’d continued with them onto a sequel," said Chudley, during an interview with Edge.

"They wanted us to get a lot closer, but it obviously wasn’t going to work because we were going to Activision. Obviously, they didn’t have anybody to do a sequel, so therefore they weren’t going to put all their efforts into marketing the first one. At that point we’d already stated we weren’t going to go on with it."

Bizarre Creations are perhaps best known for their work on the critically acclaimed Project Gotham Racing series for Microsoft’s Xbox platforms. The team is currently working on the title Blur for PS3 and Xbox 360.