Black Friday loves Blu-ray

One might come to the conclusion that the overall results from the Blu-ray vs HD DVD sales this holiday season, will pretty much paint the picture for how this battle will end.

The year 2007 marks the first full calendar year that both formats in terms of availability. This holiday season pits Blu-ray vs HD DVD up against each other as consumers have had ample time since their release and throughout this year to learn more about the products. Black Friday was the official start to the holiday season and the result is already leaning towards Blu-ray.

According to Nielsen VideoScan data for the week of Black Friday, figures shows that 72.6% of high-definition titles bought by the consumers were from the Blu-ray format while only 27.4% came from the HD DVD camp. Now keep in mind that there are some HD DVD players that is selling as low as USD 98, which is one quarter of the lowest price for a Blu-ray player.

Keep in mind, this is just Black Friday; Blu-ray still has Christmas and early 2008 after Christmas sales to prove that it is indeed the consumer favorite not only in North America, but around the world.

Source: Hollywood Reporter