Blacklight: Retribution beta ends, launches on PS4 next week with major update

Zombie Studios has confirmed that the beta phase for the PlayStation 4 version of the free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution is coming to an end, with the game due to launch on Tuesday June 24, 2014.

Blacklight: Retribution has been in the beta phase since November, but the full release of the game will introduce a host of improvements and changes based on community feedback.

"Our community and fan feedback have been instrumental in helping us to get to where we are and we are excited to share those changes with everyone. I especially can’t wait to be able to finally earn trophies in Blacklight!” said Director of Production, Andy Kipling.

Additions to the game include two new PvP maps, one called Outpost and the other named Trench. Three new maps will also be released for co-op PvE mode: DeathMetal, Lockdown, and Terminus. Improvements include tighter aiming mechanics, higher frame rates and new weapons, while streamers will get the opportunity to interact with viewers to vote on player mods.

Producer, Kael Hammond, states “We did a lot of work during Beta to improve the overall user experience, from improving in-game performance across the board, to overhauling our entire menu system, improving our matchmaking and adding new features. The end result is a vastly improved game experience that we believe all Blacklight players – from longtime fans to new users – will find vastly more fun, enjoyable and accessible.”