Blacksite: Area 51 manager talks PS3 version

While the PlayStation 3 version of Blacksite: Area 51 is still some way off, it has not stopped it from appearing in the news.

In an attempt to be open with the consumers and industry, Harvey Smith, the creative director for Blacksite, has described the development cycle as “so F***ed up”.

"With a year to go, the game was disastrously off rails", said Harvey Smith. He even went as far as giving his stance on the whole project by saying that he, "wasn’t excited about this Area 51 game".

Wow, harsh words coming from the creative director, but that isn’t it, there is more:

"Everyone was forced to share tech. It took eight months to get one thing working"

Furthermore, he even had the nerve to review his own game, by giving it an outstanding 80% but still gives some props to the game saying that it is a good title that sets itself apart from most games.

When asked why he is so bluntly honest about the game’s problems, he commented, "I believe in personal accountability".

Blacksite: Area 51 for the PS3 will be released early December with a European date coming in early 2008.