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Blacktail Is A Spiritual, Fantasy Adventure Coming To PS5 This Winter


Just announced at the IGN Expo, Blacktail is a brand new PS5 game on the way from developer The Parasight and tells the story of a 16-year-old girl accused of witchcraft.

Expelled from her early medieval Slavic settlement, memories of her past wander the earth and she has to hunt them down to create the myth of the Baba Yaga. With a bow and gauntlet, you will craft different ammo and hunt game, harvest aspects of the wilderness and finding treasures.

Along the way, story quests will shape your future and definite you alliances in the world with a morality system impacting your gameplay experience.

Overall, we think Blacktail is a pretty adventure but the music choice in the trailer is a tad bewildering. But, we will wait to see more before passing judgement.

You can watch the Blacktail reveal trailer below from IGN Expo:

Blacktail releases for PS5 this Winter.