Blezsinski: Bulletstorm will ‘very much take advantage’ of PS3

Epic Games’ Cliff Blezsinski has moved to reassure gamers that the PlayStation 3 version of bloody blaster Bulletstorm won’t cut any corners in the visual department, taking full advantage of the console’s meaty innards.

The design director’s comments come following concern from gamers over Epic’s prolonged love affair with the Xbox 360, though Blezsinski assures folk that the shooter will come out all guns blazing on Sony’s flagship console.

"When you see the game on PS3, you’ll see the textures look crisp, the depth of field looks great, the particles look amazing – it will very much take advantage of what the PS3 is capable of," he commented.

Bulletstorm, a futuristic and exceedingly brutal FPS developed in conjunction with People Can Fly, centres on burly mercenary types Grayson Hunt and his old chum Sato as the pair finds themselves in an abandoned paradise squaring off against hordes of flesh-hungry monstrosities.

The game hits PS3, PC and 360 platforms in February next year.