Blind VR PS4

Blind VR Is A Unique Virtual-Reality Thriller Coming to PS4 Soon


Developed by Tiny Bull Studios, Blind VR is a unique narrative-driven psychological thriller game coming to PSVR. Due for release on 18 September, players step into the role of a young lady who has lost her sight.

In order to navigate the surroundings, she relies on echolocation – using the echoes of various objects in the environment for navigation. Alongside puzzle solving and finding your way around an eerie mansion, you’ll be uncovering the mystery of what has happened to her.

It appears that this young woman has only just lost her sight, and has to navigate the corridors through sound only. We’re also told that there’s a sadistic Warden on the loose, and at some point you’ll have to confront them!

Blind VR is coming to PS4 for PSVR. It will also be available on Oculus Rift, OSVR and Vive. For more details, check out the Blind VR website where you’ll find extra information and screenshots from in-game.

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