Blitz: The League II Cheats

TD Celebrations:
After scoring a touchdown, enter these:

Air Traffic – Square, Triangle, Square, Circle
Back It Up – Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle
Ball Spike – X, X, X, Circle
Beer Chug – X, X, Circle, Circle
Clothesline – Triangle, X, X, Circle
CPR – Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
Dance Fever – Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X
En Garde – Circle, Circle, Circle, Square
Get Down – Circle, X, Circle, Triangle
Golf Putt – X, Square, Triangle, Circle
Grenade – X, Square, Circle, Triangle
Gunslinger – X, X, Circle, X
Hand Exchange – Circle, Circle, Square, X
Helmet Fling – X, Square, X, Square
Knighted – X, X, Triangle, Square
Knockout – Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle
Man Crush – Square, Square, Square, Triangle
Nut Shot – Triangle, Triangle, Circle, X
Pinned – Triangle, Square, Circle, X
Proposal – Circle, Square, Circle, X
Pylon Darts – X, Circle, X, Circle
Pylon Kick – Circle, X, X, Circle
Tango – Triangle, Square, X, Square
The Fiddler – Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle
The Pooper – Triangle, Square, X, Circle