Blockbuster UK cannot fulfill PS4 pre-orders after company goes into administration

The UK chain Blockbuster, not the same one as that in the US, has today announced that it intends to go into administration, meaning that any pre-orders for PlayStation 4 consoles cannot be fulfilled.

Responding to a question on Twitter, the company confirms that any pre-orders made for a PS4–or Xbox One for that matter–cannot be fulfilled, and anyone who pre-ordered a next-gen console won’t receive it on launch. Blockbuster also responded to a customer whom had purchased in full a next-gen game from the chain, to which Blockbuster UK replied: "If purchase was made in-store, please visit your local store where they will be able to assist you." Then, "If made online then, then please write to BLOCKBUSTER, Harefield Place, The Drive Uxbridge UB10 8AQ;" we can only assume that games for PS4 and Xbox One might face the same issue, but once we receive confirmation or otherwise, we will keep up on the topic as more information arises.

This is a massive disappointment to anyone who did pre-order there, though there was warning as the company first went into administration back in January this year. Still, this is never a good thing to see.

Thanks to EuroGamer for the heads up.