Bloodborne 2 is ’99 percent’ certain to be shown at E3 2017, says Ori dev

bloodborne 2 release

CEO and Game Director of Moon Studios, the team behind the excellent platform adventure Ori and the Blind Forest, has dropped a major hint that Bloodborne 2 will appear at E3 2017.

Moon’s Thomas Mahler is a regular poster over at NeoGaf and his response to a thread entitled “Do you think we’ll see Bloodborne 2 at E3?” is an interesting one.

“I’m 99% certain we’ll see it :)” he writes.

The fact that Mahler works in the industry and makes such a confident statement (and uses a smiley face) leads us to believe that he knows something we don’t. However, he could just be wildly speculating.

From Software’s Bloodborne was released in 2015 with high critical acclaim, and fans have been crying out for a sequel to the dark action-role-playing game. Currently, the Japanese studio are hard at work on new projects, thought nothing has been confirmed.

With sales of Bloodborne reportedly doing extremely well, the arrival of Bloodborne 2 is certainly going to be on the cards at some point. Whether it will appear at E3 2017 remains to be seen.

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