Bloodborne 2 leak as E3 2017 announcement rumor heats up

bloodborne 2 screenshot

Rumors on a possible Bloodborne 2 have kicked up a notch today following a screenshot leak apparently showing the title screen for the as-yet unannounced sequel.

The image in question leaked via Twitter user Sir-Snake, and clearly depicts the Bloodborne 2 logo amidst a blood-red background. That’s about all there is to go on right now, and it looks like the image was taken off-screen, so it’s not the best quality. As such, treat it with a pinch of salt now, as there’s every chance it could have been faked. For one, the text ‘Sony Computer Entertainment’ have not been used by the format holder since 2016, and have since been replaced with ‘Sony Interactive Entertainment.’ 

bloodborne 2 release

Nonetheless, this latest development does add a pinch more fuel to the fire, with Bloodborne 2 rumors having surfaced earlier this month when the developer behind Ori and the Blind Forest said the game had a 99 percent chance of appearing at E3 in June. It’s worth noting that developer From Software currently has a number of projects in development, so we may see something else entirely during Sony’s presser. 

Bloodborne was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 back in early 2015 and serves as a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls franchise, and was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki. The game was met with extremely positive reviews from critics, including PSU, and proved a commercial success for Sony with over two million copies sold worldwide by the end of 2015. 

Is Bloodborne 2 in development? Or is it wishful thinking? Sound off in the comments section below.