Bloodborne pre-orders live with free skins for Messengers

Bloodborne is now available to pre-order via the PlayStation Store with a couple of little treats in store for those keen to get their hands on From Software’s action role-playing adventure.

If you pre-order prior to the release date of 27 March, 2015, you get two Messenger skins, the Fedora and Bandages.

Messengers deliver unique messages left by fellow journeymen to either help you on quests, or trick you into making a mistake. All Messengers do the same job, but just look different depending on which skins you have. You can see samples of the Fedora and Bandages Messengers below.

Bloodborne Bandages Messenger

Fedora Messenger PS4 Bloodborne

If you don’t know what Bloodborne is about then you can check out the first 18 minutes of gameplay here, but if you don’t want too many spoilers visit the Bloodborne hub for screenshots and latest news. The fact that it’s in development by From Software, the guys who bought us Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, you can get it’s going to be tougher than a $2 steak.