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Blue Box Studios Upcoming PS5 App For Abandoned Has Been Renamed, And Will Feature Gameplay Demos

Abandoned is a new horror game for PS5, but it has also been the subject of conspiracy theories since it was revealed through a PlayStation Blog post. We still don’t know very much about the game, but what we do know is that developer Blue Box Studios has been working on an app for PS5 players to download, which we now know will include trailers, gameplay demonstrations and future live events.

The news came from the developers official Twitter account, which simply made people aware of the name change, and the two previously unknown features for the app being the gameplay demonstrations and future live events. You can see the tweet for yourself, here:


The app itself has also been renamed to now be Abandoned: Realtime Experience rather than Abandoned: Realtime Trailers. The biggest news here is that of the future live events and gameplay demonstrations, could this app potentially also be part of a possible demo for Abandoned?

That is of course just speculative, but it would be interesting to see, and hopefully once the app does come out we’ll finally have enough information on the game to put the rumours to bed.

Source – [Twitter]