Broken PS4? Sony offers immediate exchange with expedited shipping

Sony is offering expedited shipping for broken PlayStation 4 consoles, including those with the blinking blue light and black screen.

While Sony estimates the launch hardware fail rate to be 0.4 percent, bringing a brand-new console home to discover it doesn’t work is a trying ordeal. With some scattered reports of positive dealings with PlayStation customer support, it’s nice to hear confirmation of action from the source itself. SCEA told Game Informer, “SCEA is exchanging units with new replacements for those who call our support line. The exchanges are immediate with expedited shipping.”

If you are experiencing issues with your PS4 system, you can contact PlayStation support through its official website, read our guide to PS4 error codes and how to fix them, and find out what the blinking red light means.

How has your PS4 experience been so far?