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Broken Roads PS5, PS4 Unleashes Post-Apocalyptic, Turn-Based Tactical Combat Today

The Broken Roads PS5 release drops today, delivering Versus Evil’s unique brand of post-apocalyptic, turn-based tactical combat mayhem to owners of Sony’s flagship console.

Broken Roads is born out of the developer’s love for traditional RPGs, and sees players making their way across the desolate, future landscapes of Australia. The game marries traditional and new RPG mechanics, and introduces the Moral Compass, which responds to moral choices made by the player and has the ability to influence dialogue options and more.

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Featuring authentic Australian locations, the game’s visuals are brought to life by hand-drawn artwork, with up to five characters able to accompany you on your journey. Players will unearth hidden secrets across the vast landscapes of Australia, unravel political intrigues and face moral dilemmas that challenge your perceptions of right and wrong.

Broken Roads drops today for PS5 and PS4.