Brush up on the Crysis storyline in this handy recap video

Electronic Arts has pumped out a handy ‘Previously in Crysis’ video for those of you looking to brush up on the sci-fi shooter’s sprawling narrative.

Check it out below. Crysis 3 is released in North America today and launches in the U.K. on February 22.


The sequel takes place 24 years after the events of Crysis 2, with gamers hopping into the boots of Alcatraz. Returning to New York, he finds the entire metropolis encased in a massive C.E.L.L.-manufactured Nanodome, with the landscape comprised of dense swamplands, rivers and overgrown vegetation.

Crysis 3 is noted for pushing current-generation hardware to their absolute limits, and is widely cited as one of the best-looking console games of this generation.

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