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Bulletstorm VR Is Coming To PlayStation VR2

Bulletstorm, for those who remember its original release, wasn’t the best shooter in its day, but it had enough fun moments that it grew a cult-following of players who still appreciate it today.

Well, a whole new generation of players will now be able to experience Bulletstorm in a whole new way, as Bulletstorm VR was revealed during the recent Meta Quest showcase.

It’ll be releasing on the Meta Quest headset, and it’ll also be coming to PlayStation VR2, though there’s no current release window for when players will be able to get into Bulletstorm’s infamously insane action.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Bulletstorm VR for yourself, here.

Bulletstorm might not have impressed all shooter fans when it first launched, but it can’t be denied that so much of it lends itself perfectly to VR.

The very over-the-top action, the electric whip, and the gunplay that encourages players to be creative all make for a potentially incredible time in VR.

Source – [Gematsu]