Bully 2 in active development, next game after RDR2?

bully 2

We still haven’t recovered from that big Bethesda: Game of Thrones thing and here we are again with another juicy rumor. According to GameZone’s "source" who wishes to remain anonymous (obviously), and who has "knowledge of the inner workings" of the studio, Bully 2 "is and has been in development." and that it’s the next game for Rockstar after Read Dead Redemption 2.

The report, which should be taken with a big bag of salt, also states that it’s currently unknown which Rockstar studio is developing Bully 2, and that while it’s been in development for quite a while, there’s no set release window yet other than it’s "likely the next game after RDR2." If true, this adds further fuel to the fire since we also reported back in April 2017 that Rockstar indeed has Bully 2 next on its plate after RDR2.

Of course, the report also had this little disclaimer that "development changes over time though so if Bully 2 for some reason takes a backset, don’t be surprised." Mind you, that is true, but again, take this rumor with a big bag of salt for now. 

In the same report, remember that Agent artwork leak that surfaced just a few days ago? The same source also claims that it is indeed legitimate and that Agent is still in development. It’s unclear though when the artwork was made, but don’t expect it anytime soon. It’s said that Agent is the third game on Rockstar’s plate after RDR2 and Bully 2.

Once we know more info or Rockstar releases a statement, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. 

What do you think? Is this rumor legit or is it just something that wishes to be real? And would you even be interested in a sequel to Bully after all these years?