Burnout team to help PS3 owners complete game

Having trouble finding all the hidden unlockables and secrets in Burnout Paradise? No sweat, Criterion is about to provide you with all of the answers you need.

In a move that will make Burnout Paradise much easier to fully complete, Criterion is letting gamers know that they will be receiving help from their technical team. The tech team will be able to guide you through the game and help you achieve those secrets/unlockables. The feature known as the Burnout Paradise Save Game Analyser will allow PS3 owners to copy their game save to a USB drive or memory stick and have it analyze on This feature is made possible due to the recently released Bogart software update.

Once uploaded and submitted to the Criterion team, they will create an interactive map that allows you to view the location of all incomplete discoverables, including Jumps, Smashes, Billboards, Junkyards, Body Shops, Paint Shops, Gas Stations and Car Parks. Although the feature is not live at the moment, Criterion’s technicians are preparing it by putting on the final touches. The website will reflect the changes and then they will make the feature accessible as soon as it goes live.