Cagney update for Burnout Paradise dated and detailed

Criterion games isn’t slouching one bit when it comes to bringing fans of their Burnout series the best game possible. With their second major update expected to release at 9:00 AM GMT on July 10, fans of the series may start to become spoiled.

Criterion released the official patch date for the Cagney update and also included a slew of details for gamers to check out. We’ve included below the majority of those details and we’ll provide you with a link at the bottom to check out the rest of the patches and fixes that Cagney will correct.

3 New Freeburn Game Modes:

Road Rage
– 8-player team event. One team must race through a series of Paradise City checkpoints. The other team must stop them.
– Cue incredible chases and battling through the city, tons of voice communication as players co-ordinate their efforts.

Stunt Run (vs)

– Pull stunts to score points – hit barriers, billboards and ramps; ace barrel rolls, flat spins and massive airtime to score big. Everybody competes to simultaneously reach the biggest total. Hit your rivals to kill their scores and gain multipliers.

Marked Man

– A player is selected at random and everyone gangs up to take them down. The Marked Man scores for reaching the end point intact and taking anyone down along the way.

70 New Freeburn Challenges
– 70 new timed multi-part Freeburn Challenges
– Leaderboards for these challenges that log your best time (as well as those people who did it with you)

– Hunter Olympus
– A secret Criterion Car!

New liveries
– Rossolini Tempesta Dream
– Two fan-created liveries – the Oval Steel Racer and Inferno Hippie Van
– A secret Criterion livery!

Ranked Race Changes
– Too much to report in this blog entry but click here for the full breakdown!

Custom Soundtracks
– Custom Soundtrack support on PS3


For those of you wanting to check out the full list of details, feel free to click here.