Call of Duty 4 perks revealed

By far one of the most in depth multiplayer first person shooters ever, Call of Duty 4 is sure to impress fans when the game hits the shops next month.

Along with a handful of maps, multiplayer modes, and customizable weapons, Call of Duty 4 includes a level up element unlocking new "perks" for your solider every rank you go up.

Here is the complete list of Call of Duty 4 Perks and what they do:

Perk 1:
Bomb Squad
C4 x 2
Claymore x 2
RPG-7 x 2
Speicial Grenades x 3…..(Gives you 3 more smoke/flash grenades)
Frag x 3
Bandolier…..(Adds more ammo to your clip)

Perk 2:
Juggernaut…..(More Health)
Slieght of hand…..(Reload quicker)
Stopping power…..(More weapon damage)
UAV Jammer…..(Jams enemy radar)
Sonic Boom…..
Double Tap…..

Perk 3:
Extreme conditioning…..(Sprint longer)
Steady Aim…..(Steadier aiming)
Last Stand…..(Shoot your pistol while dying)
Deep Impact…..(Better bullet penetration through walls)
Dead Silence…..(Less noise when running)
Iron Lungs…..(Hold breath longer when sniping)
Eavesdrop…..(Allows you to listen in on enemy chat)
Martyrdom…..(While dying, player pulls a grenade)

These are what are known so far. Be sure to check back in later this week for PSU’s hands on with Call of Duty 4 as we have had the chance to get down and dirty with both single player and multiplayer on the PlayStation 3.